Our roof is designed to be an integrated system. As such we install our roof as a complete roof solution. For portions of your home that are exposed to the sun, our glass - metal solar roof panels are installed. For portions of your home that are shaded or not optimal for solar for other reasons, roll formed metal with a baked-on enamel is installed of a similar color and matching style.
Our Solar Roofing is designed to be installed on roof facets that have the most southern exposure and least shade. The remainder of the roof is integrated with galvanized standing seam metal. The end result is a roof that has a consistent aesthetic throughout.
The solar portions of our roof are very much like traditional panels. These sections are glass with high-efficiency solar cells. What makes them look unique is their size (they have the same size and shape of a standing seam metal roof) and their optics. The optical layer that sits just below the glass on our solar roof is designed to be transparent to the sun, but opaque when viewed from the ground below.
The efficiency of the cells are very comparable to high end monocrystalline solar panels that are new to the market. More importantly, our Solar Roofing has a higher energy density than standard solar panel arrays. Because of this, we are able to make better use of your roof's space. This increases the opportunity for energy production of your home's roof.
Our Solar Roofing is designed to be wired through your attic. This makes for a more seamless integration with your home's existing design.
Each house will have a different cost depending on what percentage of the roofing coverage is embedded with solar cells. If you're looking into getting a new roof and already have solar panels in mind, our Solar Roofing will be more cost-effective, so it will make more sense to have a Solar Roof installed.
A representative from our company will contact you to arrange a consultation with one of our Solar Roofing Specialists. We will email you an outline of what will be covered during your consultation, that way you can be prepared with any specific questions. Our Solar Roofing Specialist will arrive prepared with materials to go over the details of our product and the benefits it has to offer. This consultation is a service that is free of charge. We will provide "hard numbers" that relate to the total cost of the system, the energy output you can expect and the steps that are involved in our installation process. If upon closer inspection, Solar Roofing doesn't look like a good fit for your home, your deposit will be returned. However, if you'd like to move ahead with scheduling an installation, you will then be paired with a Customer Service Representative that will be your main contact throughout the process of bringing your job to completion. You will be provided updates regarding your installation. Things like the expected installation date, what you can expect during your installation, and what you can do to be best prepared, will all be explained in detail by the Customer Service Representative you are assigned from our team.
The guarantee on our roof is 40 years.
Our design has several unique features. First and foremost, it was designed to be the most cost effective option on the market. Another area that was a key focus in our design process was the "energy density" of the product. In simple terms, a Solar Roof's energy density is how much energy the roof can produce per square foot. Our design has a higher energy density among both standard solar panels and other Solar Roofs. Our goal is to allow homeowners to get as much electricity from the Sun as possible. This design is best suited to offer that. We have other benefits, like passive cooling, that keep the panels running at a high efficiency. For a better overview of some of the added benefits, take a look at our pre-production Solar Roofing demonstration video on Youtube:
Snow guards that prevent the snow from shedding in certain areas can be installed in necessary areas on all sections of our roof.
The 2018 Coverage Map on our main page outlines San Francisco's Bay Area as our primary area for installations in the coming year. We will be expanding geographically according to demand.
Yes. Surprisingly enough, we have current Reservations that extend beyond US borders. However, we encourage only those living within the US to reserve a roof at this time. All deposits are refundable. We cannot commit to any orders beyond our current map for 2018. So please keep that in mind when making a decision.
Yes, all deposits are eligible for a refund.
Any and all changes can be made to your Reservation prior to or during your At Home Consultation. Changes to the name your Reservation is under can be made prior to your decision to finalize your Solar Roofing order. The color of your roof can be changed up to one month before production.
Yes, if you're serious about having a solar roof installed, it's a good idea to place a Reservation in advance. As we work toward mass production as quickly as possible, it will likely be quite some time before there is not a wait for Solar Roofing. It looks like there will be a wait for Solar Roofing for the foreseeable future. Reservations allow homeowners to reserve their spot in line as a preventative measure before their roof starts leaking.
No, you have a 90-day window to decide to move ahead with your order. Your price is locked in for during that period.
Tweet us your questions! @forwardlabs. Also, for more "in-depth questions" that aren't Twitter-friendly please note: For all installations, we conduct an on-site survey. Our Installation Managers take into account all the tools, materials and paperwork that needs to be prepared to ensure your install is performed correctly. We make sure to take into account the energy potential of your roof and the incentives that are available to you through the State and Federal government. Only after a full site survey is conducted do we proceed with finalizing an order. Many of the questions you may have now will be answered during this process. Make sure to write them down. Our Installation Manager will be best equipped to answer many of these questions that are specific to your individual situation.



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